My colour favourites.

These are all COPIES from albums elsewhere here and the album is a collection of the shots that I particularly like.
Sometimes it's the photograph but more often it's just the image that I like.
Your views, whether appreciation or constructive critisism, are very welcome.

Art work

Trying to blur the edges between art work (painting/drawing) and photography


A village just West of Nottingham - it has a wonderful Beer Festival each summer, visitors welcome.

Lake District NP

The Lake District National Park in North West England.
Wordsworth country and the place where Chris Bonnington trained for his ascent of Everest.
He now has his home there.

Very old photographs (30 yrs) scanned in from negatives.

Hereford Hospital NHS

The hospital staged a publicity campaign to raise awareness about their desire to become a Foundation Trust - they made an interesting photo opportunity.

Yat Rock

Beginners day - rock climbing - Yat Rock at Symonds Yat on the borders of Herefordshire and Gloucestershire, in the Wye Valley.

Ludlow in the rain

Market day in Ludlow but it rained . . .
Then the rain stopped and the sun appeared.

My black & white favorites

These are all COPIES from albums elsewhere here. It is a collection of the shots that I particularly like.
Your views, whether appreciation or constructive critisism, are very welcome.

Great Malvern

Just sights and scenes around the town of Great Malvern, Worcestershire. UK

Cardiff in the rain

A day visit to Cardiff which ended in the rain.


Market town on the border between Wales and England.
Famous as the Second-hand Books Centre of the world and for it's annual Literary Festival at the end of May.
See photos of the event here . . .

Just pictures

Specifically for all those pictures that don't fit into any of the main categories . . .

The wildflowers

The wildflowers of Western Australia - we were lucky, we were there in the spring and they'd had a very wet winter - the wildflowers were everywhere. Never very big but millions of them wherever we went and so many different varieties . . .
Toward the end of the album are flowers from Singapore.


Most (but not all) are cropped from a larger image.
Sometimes the crop results in a loss of image quality.
None of them are "Studio Portraits", even the ones that are not crops.


Family, friends, wives, lovers, neighbours, colleagues and some just photo opportunities grabbed as they happened.


from the 50's through to the present

People in b&w

As it says - shots primarily of people.
All shots are conversions from colour because even if the camera has a "Monochrome" mode, all it's doing is blocking the colour chanels from the sensor, so removing the colour after the shot has been taken is just the same.
My old "film" shots here - http://public.fotki.com/Wyeman/b_w/scanned_bw/

I miss the days of film . . . Ilford PanF - sweet dreams . . .


General shots of anything that I think makes a good b&w shot.
Specific subjects are in their own album in this folder.

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